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John Isner: The Fire Within

America’s No. 1 player and ATP World Tour Top 10 member brings more to the Tour than just a big game. John Isner has endeared himself to his opponents and fans alike with a mix of sportsmanship and compassion for others.

John Isner is slightly late for our interview. Thunder showers at the Winston-Salem Open messed with his practice schedule. Still, he apologises three times for being late. Twice upon entering the room, and the third time twenty-seven minutes later as he is leaving. This should tell you all you need to know about America’s new No. 1 player and ATP World Tour Top 10 club member.

John’s workday is nearly over. As soon as we wrap up the interview he will jump into his car and hit Interstate 40 East for the short drive home to nearby Greensboro, North Carolina, where his family and friends are waiting on him for their annual summer cookout.

"John is a genuine nice guy who happens to be a good tennis player," says coach Craig Boynton. “He is more concerned with other people’s feelings than his own. If you don’t like John then you don’t like people. You want John Isner for your next door neighbour.”

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